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I used the Finch Windmill when injury restricted my workouts...

May 2003

The Finch Windmill is great for all ages; for softball pitching mechanics, as well as football and baseball techniques. I used the Finch Windmill after I injured my ACL and had to have surgery in the fall season of college. Surgery restricted my pitching workouts as I couldn't practice my full pitching motion since I couldn't use my lower body. I was afraid that even if I recovered from surgery in time for the season, that I would be completely out of pitching shape, and then my dad heard about the Finch Windmill. We [set up] the Finch Windmill in my bedroom and I was able to keep my upper body in tune with my pitching mechanics, losing nothing through my recovery from surgery. As a result I ended up adding 4+ mph to my fastball over the course of the winter.

In addition to allowing me to continue working my arm motion while being on the injured list, the Finch Windmill is great for isolating your arm and allows you to get repetitions in without needing a catcher! With the ability to adjust the tension, you can get a strengthening workout as well. My dad has used this with his 14U team as part of the pitching practice as well as working on overhand throwing form/speed. I would also think that this could be used by coaches as a station at practice, as it is great for helping younger athletes with their overhand throw, proper form, and for adjustable strengthening. This is a great, great offer for anyone who is serious about softball (and other sports)! 

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