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About Doug Finch and the Finch Windmill

Doug Finch has been teaching professionally for over 20 years, both in private practice and through clinics.  His teachings and mechanics have been mentored and tested by Dr. Sherry L. Werner at the highest levels.  Within the largest database of fastpitch pitching studies, Dr. Werner has demonstrated that Finch's teachings and mechanics achieve top ratings for being the safest and most efficient of anyone in the world.  The success of Jennie and his many ASA and NCAA national champion students have been the driving force in Finch's pursuit of pitching mechanics excellence.

Part of that pursuit resulted in the invention of the Finch Windmill in the late 1980s. Finch is the inventor, developer and marketer of the Finch Windmill, the ultimate pitching, throwing and shoulder exercise machine.  When Jennie was 9 years old, she realized that her right arm was larger and stronger than her left and did not want to grow up with that muscle imbalance. That realization was the impetus for the Finch Windmill. The Finch Windmill has since helped to address the over development problem so many athletes face and has helped raise the performance level of 1000s of athletes in many different sports. The Finch Windmill is a shoulder exercise machine highly recommended by many doctors, coaches and family members for performance, injury prevention, and shoulder rehabilitation.

Doug loves to share his knowledge with parents, pitchers and all types of athletes interested in improving their health, strength, and game.



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