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Using the Finch Windmill
Instructional Video
Mounting the Finch Windmill

6 exercises of the
Finch Windmill

Overhand Left

Underhand Left

Two-hand Left

Overhand Right

Underhand Right

Two-hand Right


Using The Finch Windmill

The Finch Windmill is an exercise/training machine that promotes muscle strength, endurance and balance on both the left and right sides. Below is a step-by-step description of a typical Finch Windmill workout.

  1. Face the exercise machine with your feet a little wider than shoulder width.

  2. Toes and belly button towards the exercise machine, nose pointed at an imaginary throwing target.

  3. Ball held with the fingers fully extended; cable between second and third fingers. No thumb.

  4. As you begin to exercise, pivot on the balls of your feet while rotating the body towards the target.

  5. Use opposite hand to adjust resistance while keeping the ball moving.

  6. Resistance should be set so that after the twentieth revolution your arm is exhausted.

  7. Once resistance is set, try not to hesitate or stop until 20 revolutions are completed. This is especially important during the rotation of the wrist.

  8. Rotation of the hand or wrist when simulations underhand throws take place at approximately 11 o'clock (right hand), 1 o'clock (left hand).

  9. Rotation of hand or wrist when simulating overhand right or left hand throws takes place at 6 o'clock.

  10. Rotation of the wrist with both hands clockwise starts at approximately 6 o'clock and finishes rotating at 11 o'clock. Counterclockwise with both hands starts at 6 o'clock and finishes at 1 o'clock.  Again note: during the rotation of hand and wrist, do not hesitate or stop; keep the ball moving.

  11. Do not bend over. Stand up straight. Just rotate using the back leg to push opposite shoulder and hip, causing you to rotate a full 90 degrees. In other words, the belly button is toward the exerciser, the is rotated 90 degrees toward the throwing target.

  12. You must bend over when and only when doing two handed exercise either way.

  13. When doing the two handed exercise in both directions, you want "big circles" way up high and way down low. Remember to bend your knees and lower back  and to rotate the wrists.



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