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Muscle Balance, Training, & Endurance

Muscle Balance

Would we like our youth to have equal muscle balance on both the left and the right sides? Ever try doing something with your other hand? The Finch Windmill allows us to work out both sides of our body, providing muscle balance.


Most sport activities (batting, throwing, golf, tennis, bowling, and volleyball) are resistance sports. We are creating resistance within our own torso to do something against the opposite side. Example, pitching, hold back with the left side, throw with the right. The stronger we can make our opposite side (the side you rarely use) the more resistance we can create. We can get the job done faster, quicker, and more deliberate-bat speed, a golf swing, as tennis serve, or a volleyball spike.

Example: Ever try to take a lid off of a new jar of jelly? Couldn't get it off with your strong side but after trying a couple of times you switch to your weak side and you get it off. Why? Did you loosen the lid with your strong arm or did you create more resistance by using your weak hand against your strong side?

Strength and Endurance

When you throw a ball, swing a golf club or a tennis racquet; do you have much resistance other than the weight of that object (a few ounces) and air for resistance? If you do that activity every other day, say for 45 min. are you going to get very much stronger? Is your endurance going to increase or how about your speed? Will you be working out your other side? (the weak side)

Muscle Group Recruiting

Primary muscle groups are all it takes to do those activities. If we add resistance are we then recruiting, training and coordinating secondary muscle groups to come to our aid when called upon. Do people in general or particularly females have weak mid and lower backs? How important are these muscle groups? Ever twist your torso the other way? By making these areas stronger, are we talking injury prevention?

Injury Prevention

If you get your athlete to work out at a higher level they can reach in a game (last strike, last serve, longer drive on the 18th hole), then they are less prone to injury.


Ever seen a pitcher, tennis player, carpenter with an over-developed side? This may cause problems in the future, such as neck and shoulder problems, spine curvature, or stiffness.

If we want to get faster and quicker, in a safe way, what are our choices? Better mechanics and exercise are our answers. In only 3-4 minutes a day your athlete can achieve both better mechanics and exercise with the Finch Windmill.

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