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Doug Finch Softball Pitching Clinic for Families

A clinic for softball pitchers and their parents.
Empowering Parents of Athletes

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Doug's Teachings & Mechanics

Doug has been professionally teaching since 1992. His teachings and mechanics have been mentored and tested at the highest level known in the fastpitch world by Dr. Sherry L. Werner. Through her research and countless studies, Dr. Werner has generated the largest database of fastpitch softball pitching mechanics in the world. In working with Dr. Werner, Doug's teachings and mechanics have proven to be at the top in terms of safest and most efficient of anyone in the world. Not only are Doug's mechanics among the safest, the success of his numerous students over the years have proven his mechanics to be effective on the field. In addition to Jennie Finch, Doug has coached many ASA National Champions and NCAA champions.

The Parent As The Expert

Attend one family clinic with Doug Finch and you'll learn more in one evening than you have ever learned about throwing, hitting and pitching. Most parents feel unequipped to teach throwing, hitting and pitching to their kids. Doug will give you the skills, knowledge, and tools to properly instruct your athlete in a safe and proper manner. Parents, it's your responsibility to know about these mechanics (much  of which applies to baseball as well) to help prevent injury to your kids.

You will be the expert after attending the Doug Finch Softball Family Clinic.




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