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Not Just for Softball...
The Finch Windmill Works for Baseball Too!

July 16, 2002

Dear Doug,

The promotional information on your Windmill is misleading and not completely truthful. Let me explain. Your web site and literature talk a lot about the benefits of the Windmill for softball but it is almost void of any comment on baseball. You may be missing the boat.

I found your web site a year or so ago when my college age pitcher, son (after a year as a redshirt) was near the end of his freshman year and not playing at all. His velocity and location was not acceptable to the coach.

Prior to redshirting he had been away from baseball for a couple of years, and even though he was working hard and had a good breaking ball, it couldn�t make up for lack of speed and imperfect control.

He got your Windmill, and with only a few exceptions, he has used it religiously for year-and-a-half or more. He has continued to improve and finally got a chance to start about halfway through this past season.

To make a long story short, he started every week and from then on he has regained control of his breaking ball, can locate his fastball, is still improving his change-up and ended up with double digit starts, a lot of innings, a strikeout-to-walk ratio better than 4:1 and a very good sophomore year. He is throwing it faster that he ever has in his life. His velocity is up an average of 4 mph and his maximum speed is up 6 mph over the previous year.

Additionally, he has had no injury or sore arm problems. When the team trainers did a strength test on all the players, they found to their surprise, that his left and right arm were exactly the same strength. That appears to be the balance you talk about.

He acknowledges the Windmill as a significant assistance in his progress but doesn't not feel he has yet received the maximum benefits of its use, he is continuing with it as a part of his daily training regiment.

So you see, your Windmill is not just for girl�s softball. I�m sure it is working for a 20+ year old playing major college baseball.

As you know I got one for myself, I think it will help by golf game.

(Name withheld per NCAA guidelines)


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